About the service

1 – select the type of socks you’d like to receive. Smart and sensible all the way? Or do you like to flash some colourful ankle?

2- select how often you’d like a box of socks to come through your letter box. Once a month? Once a quarter? Once every six months?

3 – sit back and put your feet up. Let people see your new socks. Safe in the knowledge you can cancel whenever you like.

We send out socks at the start of every month. 

Usually, once you’ve signed up, you’ll get your first pair straight away. You’ll then receive your second pair at the beginning of the next month. 

If you sign up towards the end of a month, we’ll wait until the start of the next month to send your first pair out. Otherwise, you’ll receive two deliveries very close to each other and then a bit of a wait. 

You can cancel at any time. Please send us an email at goodbye@revolutionarybasics.com

We will stop your subscription with immediate effect providing that the latest delivery hasn’t already gone out in the post. No notice periods, no complication.

About the socks

We pick our socks based on three cornerstone factors; style, quality and ethics. (Because who doesn’t like to have it all). We work with a range of to make sure that our customers continue to get the variety and range of styles you signed up for.

We’ve talked to a lot of sock manufacturers about this. The bottom line is that if the socks are 100% cotton, you’ll get holes in your socks very easily. So some nylon or polyester is blended to the yarn to add toughness and help give the socks a longer life. On balance, we’d rather that your socks lasted longer, had more wears and didn’t end up in the bin too soon. However, we are talking to our brands about replacing the nylon or polyester with recycled polyester, which would be a more sustainable alternative.

That depends on the option you select.

You can choose our ‘Smart & Sensible’ option if you aren’t that keen for your socks to be too attention grabbing. They will be darker options in general, more block colours, maybe the odd stripe but no bright patterns. All very wearable under suit trousers and guaranteed not to detract from the rest of your outfit.

However, if you want a bit of colour brings you happiness then why not go for our ‘Bright & Patterns’ option? You’ll get a different pattern with each delivery. Ranging from bold, bright block colours to eye-pleasing geometric patterns.

Sorry to hear that. Please drop us an email hello@revolutionarybasics.com. We’ll send you a replacement pair and an envelope so you can return the pair you don’t like. If you could let us know why you don’t like them in your email that will help us make a better selection next time.

About the delivery

We delivery stylish socks across the UK. We don’t ship beyond the UK shores at the moment but we have great plans to spread ethical socks around the world. 

In general, we will send your first pair out to you the day after you sign up. You’ll then receive subsequent pairs at the beginning of the next month. If you sign up after the 25th we will wait until the beginning of the next month to send out your first pair. Otherwise, you would receive two pairs in quick succession and might have a longer wait to get the third pair. And that just feels odd.

They will be sent in a ‘pillow’ box. It’s specially designed to fit through 90% of UK letterboxes. They are sent in the post first class. If you have any special delivery instructions please let us know when you place your order and we’ll do our best to make it happen.